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Screw feeder for Sand AAC Block Plant
    • Screw feeder for Sand AAC Block Plant
    • Screw feeder for Sand AAC Block Plant
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Screw feeder for Sand AAC Block Plant

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The modular TU Tubular Screw Conveyor system is highly versatile offering numerous solutions for conveying powdery or granular materials. They are widely used all over the world in industries such as flour milling, animal feed milling. In general, TU Tubular Screw Conveyors and Feeders are suitable for applications that require minimum material residue and maximum conservation of particle size of the material when handled.on the other hand,In order  to meet requirements(Requirements for uninterrupted operation of screw conveyors),TU screw feeder should match with gear reducer (gear reducer use long time,not easily to break)


Screw feeder belongs to custom product,Length and angle decided based on practical process



★Flanged end bearing assemblies protected against material infiltration by adjustable shaft seals

★Wide range of intermediate hanger bearings designed for specific applications (self-lubricating versions included)

★Circular, square or rectangular inlet and outlet spouts complete with drilled WAM standard flanges

★Robust cast iron body, flanged end bearing assemblies with external bearings and manually adjustable packed gland seals

★Maintenance-free (or non) intermediate cast or fabricated hanger bearings with self-lubricating and other type slide bushes

★Splined shaft couplings

★Drive unit mounted at inlet or outlet end:

★Bare shaft

★Direct compact gear motor drive

★Direct gear motor drive with semi-elastic coupling

★Offset gear motor drive with chain transmission

★Offset drive with belt transmission

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  • 0086-519-83996829
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