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Aerated concrete of different materials

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Quartz tailing is a large amount of waste produced after grinding and screening in the glass production process, mainly crystalline quartz, the content of Si02 is more than 90%, after treatment can be used as the silica material of aerated concrete. This not only broadens the selection range of raw materials for preparing aerated concrete, but also solves the pollution problem caused by it.

Wang Yang et al. controlled the fineness of quartz tailings at 0.08mm and used the remaining 12% as the main raw material for preparing aerated blocks. They studied the influence of the amount of calcium materials (lime and cement) on the properties of products, and found that the amount of calcium materials added was too little, the amount of hydration products generated was insufficient, the residual Si02 was too much, and the strength of products was low. Calcareous materials with too much addition and too much Ca are easy to produce high alkali compounds with low strength in alkaline environment. Through experiments, when the calcium material content is 39%(cement 6%, lime 33%), the sample with dry bulk density of 523 kg/m³, compressive strength of 3.9 MPa, dry shrinkage (rapid method)0.7mm/m was prepared. Wang Changlong et al. studied the effect of fineness of quartz tailings on slurry stability and product properties. The results show that the tailings are too thick, the slurry fluidity is poor, and the slurry is easy to settle out after pouring, leading to the collapse of the mold. Increasing the fineness of tailings can increase its specific surface area and reactivity. But if the particles are too fine, the slurry thickens quickly, the gas is blocked, and it is easy to produce suffocation, so that cracks appear in the products, porosity decreases, and bulk density increases. Through the experiment, the quartz tailing powder was ground to a specific surface area of 321.57 ㎡/kg, the dry bulk density of the prepared sample was 562kg/m³, and the compressive strength was 4.34mpa. Due to poor grindability, compact crystal structure and low hydration reaction activity of quartz tailings, the effective utilization rate of quartz tailings is low.

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