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Contact: Mr. Mao

Mobile: 0086-13606120316

E-mail: trade@cnsankon.com

Phone: 0086-519-83996829

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Service Process

Strict production Management,Begin from signed the contract with customer, service,technology,purchase,production,after sales service whole set production process fullfilled based on ISO9000 standard,whole process controlled by ERP

System,Drawing management  implemented based on PLM.

To ensure the quality and quantity of the product,Workshop civilized production implements 5S activity;spiritual civilization,environmental civilization,Operation civilization,Planned civilization and safety production.Sankon has own hydraulic department and electronic control department,easily to realize AAC plant
full automation.

Sankon boss used to be director of domestic AAC association,under his lead,Our technical department is constantly innovating,our salesman can design the plan based on cutomer’s request.both have professional technical literacy

Sankon adheres to the business philosophy”Sincerity,Innovation,high Quality and Harmony” and provides first-class products and service for clients,which have helped us make great contribution to energy saving,working efficiency increasing for our client and realize the harmony between the society and people。

  • 0086-519-83996829
  • 0086-519-83996829
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