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Steaming Trolley Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine
    • Steaming Trolley Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine
Product Details

AAC line Steaming trolley

Recommended application:

Steaming trolley is transportation trolley in AAC production line,loaded cutted cake,entered into autoclave to steam.After steamed,convey finished products to finished product area,unload finished products ,steaming trolley load cake to enter into autoclave again.


Steaming trolley comprised of trolley frame and wheel.

Steaming trolley made of profile steel,has the advantages of good steel property, simple structure and so on.

The wheelset comprised of wheel shaft and bearing,rolling sensitivity and reliability.

Special decoupling shaft in favor of decoupling.

Main Technical Parameter:

Dianeter of the wheel260mm
Bolater bearing70mm
The temperature resistant of the lubricant oil>200℃

Working principle:

Load double mould/three mould cakes on the steaming trolley(notice:When load first mould,a cushion must be added between the frame and the ground level to prevent the frame from tilting)

Trolley running stable on the ground,there’s hook connected among trolleys,enter into autoclave,then steam,when out of autoclave,transport finished products to packing area,The decoupling device removes the hook.


1.Durable, not easily deformed, long service life

2.No easily damaged parts, easy maintenance and repair.

3.Steaming trolley has automatic decoupling device,save labor

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