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Bucket elevator for AAC Block and panel machine
    • Bucket elevator for AAC Block and panel machine
    • Bucket elevator for AAC Block and panel machine
Product Details

Bucket elevator for AAC Block and Panel machine

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Recommended application 

Bucket elevator used for AAC concrete batching section,use match with lime/cement silo,mainly used to convey lime/cement.

Equipment structure

Bucket elevator is comprised of  upper section,lower section,middle section,drive device and running parts.

Upper section:comprised of upper shell,head cover,transmission drum group or transmission chain wheel group.

Lower section:comprised of lower shell and tightening drum group

Middle section:comprised of support,middle sheel with funtion of protection and sealing.have two types:single channel and double channel.

Drive device:comprised of motor,gearbox,Triangular belt drive and inverse resistor

Drive section:Comprised of hopper ,rubber convey bel or round-link chain ,round-link hook and etc


TH Type Bucket Elevator is a kind of continuous vertical lifting equipment with chain type bucket to process bulk material. It is mainly used for lifting bulk material and crushed material with the property of low hardness. It is widely used in power, chemistry, metallurgy, building material, light industry, grain, mining and etc. The lifted material with the temperature under 250ºC. It has the features of high capacity, reliable working, small area needed, high lifting height and easy maintenance. In the driving system, it has the high reliable non-return structure to prevent temporary power off or other fault causing shut off under the loading condition to make drive and lifting hopper return moving to cause fault.




Hopper  Width




Lifting height




Hopper type



Decided based on technology




Hopper type



Decided based on technology



★Compact machine structure,small shape size,Occupy small  spcace

★Wide hositing  area,high hoisting height,big convey capacity

★Sealing devices are provided between sections and maintenance doors,ensure no dust leakage,realize clean,environmental protection production;

★Convey wheel is whole structure,surface is strengthened.easy installation,high intensity,stand wear and tear

★Middle sheel welded by bending member,make the shell have high overall stiffness and reliability

★In order to prevent temporary power outages or other failures resulting in sudden load shutdown,The traction parts and the load hopper are retrograde, which leads to the failure, and a high reliability backstop mechanism is arranged inside the drive device.

★Use ZQ gearbox,Small size, light weight, large bearing capacity, long life, high efficiency, low noise, etc.

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  • 0086-519-83996829
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