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Finished product clamper+sling - aerated brick equipment
    • Finished product clamper+sling - aerated brick equipment
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Finished product clamper+sling - aerated brick equipment

The finished product clamper is an important link in the steam raising section of aerated concrete block. The finished product of the steam raising kettle is hoisted to the packaging line for final packaging.

The finished sling is the main supporting equipment in the cutting machine of the steam raising aerated concrete production line.It is mounted on a specially designed trolley, and walking and lifting depend on the trolley.The lifting is guided by the guide frame, stable and correct, without deviation, shaking and other defects. It is a special clamper for lifting the steamed finished product from the side plate.

Working principle:

Semi-finished product/finished product crane+sling mainly used for grouping before autoclave/out of autoclaveSemi-finished product crane+sling hang cakes on rails before autoclavefinished product crane+sling mainly hang cakes on side plate roller bed from out of autclave rails.


Single mould finished product crane+clamper mainly used in packing section,hang cakes to combination machine from side plate roller bed.

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