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Automatic AAC Brick Machinery Tilting Table/Overturn Table
    • Automatic AAC Brick Machinery Tilting Table/Overturn Table
Product Details

Tilting table/Overturn table composition:

The bottom peeling table is mainly composed of reversing frame, blank body trolley, side plate trolley, moving device, pressing rod, roller, reversing seat and bearing, etc.The reverse and movement are controlled by hydraulic cylinder.

Tilting Table/Overturn Table

Working principle:

By semi-finished products spreader will finish cutting the embryonic body together with the mold side panel to prevent bottom leather flip a little on a block and tackle, and start the magnetic chuck, flip hydraulic system start, body together with the mould flip side panel 90 ° peeling device by up and down movement, will waste away (waste will flow into the waste slurry pool and retake casting), flip the hydraulic system start going back the initial position, semi-finished products spreader swing body, together with the side panel into tank before the car.



Aerated concrete block tilting table is an embryo body tilting device to remove the bottom and top wastes, thus improving the utilization rate and yield of waste products.

Tilting Table/Overturn Table

Maintenance :

1, maintain

A. Maintain the hydraulic station according to the instructions.

B. After the production, wipe the dirt off the piston rod (the protruding part) with cotton cloth and reset it.

C. Clean the waste materials in all parts.

2, maintenance

Check fasteners and piping system thoroughly every week, tighten loose parts and replace damaged parts.

The bottom peeling table is developed mainly for the realization of six-sided cutting of the blank body of aerated concrete block, which solves the problem that the blank body is easily damaged by manually removing the bottom waste in the traditional production line, and improves the production efficiency of enterprises.The aerated concrete block turnover table designed by our company has been widely used in China.

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