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Aeration line concrete complete set of equipment contains what aeration equipment

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Aerated line concrete complete equipment is a complete set of equipment, which contains all kinds of equipment, combination to complete the production of aerated concrete. Aerated concrete with cement, lime, fly ash, tailings, river sand, hair accessories, and other gas as raw material by the ingredients, mixing, casting, cutting, autoclave, the curing process of new building wall materials, the product internal evenly distributed porosity, with light weight, high strength, heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection advantages. It is an energy saving and environmental protection building wall material widely used in the world.

So let's talk about what kind of aeration equipment will be used in the complete set of aeration line concrete equipment.

1. Aerated line cutting machine: cutting machine is the core equipment of aerated concrete production line, which plays the role of odd vertical cutting and embryo cutting.

2. Overturning demudging spanner: The overturning demudging spanner is one of the main equipment in the blank cutting section of the aerated concrete production line. It is installed on the supporting crane, and the power of lifting and turning spanner is provided by the hydraulic station.

3. Marshalling spreader: After the cutting is completed, the blank body is transferred to the autoclaved trolley through the semi-finished spreader to enter the marshalling kettle.

4. Turning over the bottom lifting device: Turning over the bottom lifting device is the main equipment of aerated concrete production line, which can turn over, bottom removing and group the cut blank body.

5, ball mill: suitable for grinding all kinds of ore and other materials.

6, storage tank and control system: used to store the prepared fly ash slurry or mortar, with slow stirring to avoid slurry settlement.

7, jaw crusher: mainly used for crushing and coarse crushing of various materials with compressive strength not more than 320 mpa. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance and economic operation cost.

8. Pouring mixer: all kinds of materials and water are collected into the cylinder of pouring mixer after measurement. After mixing to the slurry suitable for pouring, open the feeding butterfly valve and pour the slurry into the mold for static stop maintenance.

9. Mold: the main special equipment for the production of aerated concrete. When the slurry of pouring mixer is injected into the mold, the aerated concrete body can be cut after gas curing.

10. Primary rearing room: after casting, the mold is sent into the primary rearing room with a winch for air generation and initial setting. The room temperature is 50-70 degrees, and the primary rearing time is 1.5-2 hours.

11, steam car: carrying side plate and body into and out of autoclave carrier.

12, autoclave: silicate products for hydration reaction, to obtain physical and mechanical properties of equipment. Its operation is used in the production of fly ash and other aerated concrete, which is an important content related to safe production and energy utilization.

Aerated line concrete complete equipment is composed of the above equipment combination to complete such a set of equipment, with the above production of aerated brick.

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