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Performance characteristics of Concrete swelling agent

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Concrete swelling agent is a kind of chemical admixture,when add into cement, cement condensation and stiffen,then volume expansion.To compensate for the prestress caused by shrinkage and tensioning rebar and to fill the cement gap adequately.Main components of swelling agent:Alunite expansion agent, calcium sulphoaluminate expansion agent, calcium oxide expansion agent, iron scrap expansion agent, calcium oxide-calcium sulphoaluminate compound expander, etc.

Main performance

1. Low content:6~8%,expansion rate is greater than UEA(market sales) content 12% expansion rate.

2.Low alkalinity:(K2O+Na2O)content lower than 0.3~0.4%,more lower than U type swelling agent 1.7~2.2%,  

3.Beause of small content, don’t effect early and late strength,equal amount instead of cement.

4.Don’t increase concrete collapse loss,have good construction performance.

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